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I can never convince you; I am worth it to stay.

all these people are marrying high school sweethearts.
if only we still talked.

i have a bicycle. its in louisiana.
i have a broken heart and worn mind.
i have thousands of scars all over this body that you wouldnt recognize
and i still dont sleep.

the guy im with smells just like you
that will always be in my memory
such a weird thing.

july 18, 2003
it is awful how this dream fades
never appreciated
never re

things (or lack thereof) to get over.
1. love
2. letters
3. kitten
4. fat
5. roommates
6. friends
7. moving
8. long hours

more to come

(no subject)
i wish i had aplace to live.

lets pity me.

yo negros
everyday is a new chapter of my life
so sterotypical
but i never know where im going

some new influence always comes and pushes me a different way

im so happy

my family is being loving
i have a fabulous boyfriend
and two best friends
its all i need right now.

i cant wait to move to austin
just one more month

leo: Love is not as simple as you thought and you may not be prepared to pay the price. You might believe that you must give up something important to you and you really don't want anyone else to control your plans. A surprise awaits if you just communicate your needs. But do it nicely, and don't expect everything to change overnight.

pisces;Tension between work and home can escalate into an unresolvable dilemma, especially if you are unwilling to negotiate. There is a way through conflict now and it isn't about just being nice to get your way. The key is compassion. State the specifics of your needs as carefully as you can. Then let the discussion unfold without trying to control the outcome. Your love is being tested and the best solution will have something to offer everyone involved.

i word things all wrong and often jumble the word order in my sentences
or when i joke around, no one gets it
because i am often inappropriate and not at all amusing.

i hate when people misread comments i make that are sexual especially. these people are often friends who know about how often i respond negatively to sexual activities due to fear of being objectified thus losing possibility for interaction and sucessful emotional intimacy.

oh well
i hope at least tonight i wont have to fight off big black women with the help of robert and a pair of muddy betsey stilettos from my job at the bookstore like my dream last night...

that dream sucked.

stupid cunt.
name calling isnt as rewarding as it once was.

what once was easy hardly comes....
the hallucinations keep me from rewarding sleep.


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